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Visiting Buckingham Palace

For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated by the Royal Family. The Queen is such a prominent figure not just for the British people but for people around the world. When I heard you could visit Buckingham Palace I jumped at the chance.

For just £37 you can visit the Royal Mews, The Queen’s Gallery and the State Rooms. The Royal Mews are available for visiting between February and October, but the State Rooms are only open from the end of July to the 1st week of October. Weekend days book up quickly so if visiting Buckingham Palace is of interest to you it’s worth booking tickets in advance. If you don’t want to visit all 3 you can book to see them individually, but it works out cheaper if you buy the bundle ticket (“Royal Day Out”) for all venues.

The Queen’s Gallery is a public art Gallery just outside Buckingham Palace. The exhibitions are rotated on a regular basis and the website claims there are about 450 pieces of art on display at any given time.

The Golden State Coach

The Royal Mews have been called “one of the finest working stables in existence” and they house not only the horses but several Royal Coaches too. When exploring the Royal Mews you are giving a free audio tour which explains each of the coaches in depth. Two of my personal favourite coaches were the Diamond Jubilee State Coach and the Golden State Coach. Photographs don’t do them any justice, the detail on these coaches are exquisite and their presence is incredibly impressive.

The Diamond Jubilee Coach

Unfortunately you aren’t allowed to take any photographs inside the State Rooms, which is such a shame because they are both impressive and fascinating.The audio tour takes around 2 and a half hours to complete so make sure you allow enough time to see everything. When we visited there was a special exhibition on Celebrating the Queen’s 90th birthday – it showcased outfits from her childhood to the present day. The “Fashioning a Reign” exhibition drew quite a crowd and we had to wait quite some time to see some of the more popular outfits such as her Coronation Dress and her Wedding Gown. Both were worth the wait and were more beautiful than I can put into words.

Overall my visit to Buckingham Palace did not disappoint, and I was thrilled that upon leaving I could turn my ticket into a year pass.

Have you been to visit Buckingham Palace? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below…


3 thoughts on “Visiting Buckingham Palace

  1. How cool! What a unique experience. I didn’t know you could go inside Buckingham Palace, or that they even had any exhibits in there! I’ll have to check it out next time I go to London! Great post 🙂


  2. I did the Buckingham Palace tour when I was in London last year. It was truly amazing & I wish I could have taken photos to show for it but just to experience was brilliant.


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