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The Roman Baths, Bath.

This year I decided to spend my August Bank Holiday exploring England a little more. I took out a map and my eyes fell on Bath – I have always wanted to visit the Roman Baths, so I knew this was where I should spend my bank holiday weekend.

I decided to visit the Baths on my second day there so I could really dedicate the time to exploring. I was staying at the University of Bath (which is such a novel idea, the university rents out the student rooms over summer for an extremely reasonable rate!) so after a short bus ride into town I was ready to explore!

I arrived at 9am, so managed to get inside without any queuing at all – when I left at around noon the queue was out the door and round the corner! (By the way, you don’t need to spend 3 hours here, I just wanted to make sure I didn’t miss a thing!) The ticket cost £15 and included an audio guide tour, which included snippets from one of my favourite Authors Bill Bryson.


The tour lets you explore the site from different levels, giving you plenty of opportunities to grab the perfect photograph. The site has actors dressed as Romans each telling their own story about what life was like for them and as well as this there are also stories  covered on the audio guide. I thought this was a nice touch, and saw several families engaging with the actors.

The main part of the tour people are interested in is the Great Bath – and what a beauty it is! However, this tour offers so much more than just the bath. You get the opportunity to walk through the Temple Courtyard, standing where the Romans did all those years ago. The tour also offers a glance at the statue of Gorgon’s Head from the Temple Pediment, only one of two classic temples from the Roman times. You learn about bathing etiquette and you are able to walk through the many rooms to see places such as the changing rooms, plunge pools & heated rooms.

At the end of the tour you can take a sip from the spa water fountain. The water is warm but not as unpleasant as I heard it would be. However, I was in no rush to have seconds!

The Pump Room is next to the Baths and is the perfect place to stop for a slightly overpriced drink and snack if you so wish. If you decide not to go there, the Baths are in the centre of town so there are plenty of places you can find for a spot of lunch.

The Roman Baths are just one of several things you can do in Bath. If you have the opportunity it is well worth the visit I assure you…




9 thoughts on “The Roman Baths, Bath.

  1. I went to the baths as a kid with my aunt, the pictures bring back so many memories! They didn’t have an audio tour with Bill Bryson though, might have to go back… 🙂


  2. Wow this looks lovely, and it’s SUCH a cool idea that the university rents out it’s dorm rooms. I’d have never thought of looking for something like that!


  3. I’ve plans to visit Bath next March and I can’t wait. I’m such a history nerd and I found a company that gives balloon rides over the city 🙂


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