The Book Corner

The Lonely Hearts Travel Club. Destination: Thailand, by Katy Colins


This book was sold to me as “the backpacking Bridget Jones” and boy did it live up to that expectation. Watching Georgia transition through this book from a newly-dumped, barely coping young woman to an independent savvy traveller was both wonderful and inspirational. If she can manage to backpack her way through Asia, anyone can!

I spent my fair share of time laughing, cringing and willing her on throughout the book. I did not know someone could have such bad luck until I read about her journey. Poor Georgia gets scammed left, right and centre and yet somehow she perseveres. If anyone is having doubts about travelling alone, this book strangely encourages you to face your fears (and shows you that sometimes bad luck can lead you to the best adventures).  Rules are meant to be broken, paths are meant to be changed & hearts are meant to be followed…

I’m so glad I know this is a three part story as it means I can look forward to her next adventures. I cannot wait to see what India has in store for her…


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