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Reasons everyone needs an Aussie in their life

To celebrate Australia Day I’ve put together a list of my favourite things about our friends down under ….


  1. They are so relaxed ABOUT EVERYTHING. I have never met a stressed out Australian. They are always happy to just go with the flow.
  2. They love to drink. If you ever need a drinking buddy they are always up for a night out.
  3. They absolutely love travelling. Every hostel you go to, wherever it is in the world, will have at least one Aussie in it. It’s great because it means I am never short of a travel companion.
  4. They teach you cute Australian phrases such as “old mate” (this one has always baffled me. Old mate is rarely actually a friend of theirs… Old mate can be almost anyone- crazy!)
  5. They keep you entertained by telling you their awesome stories from home. Life seriously couldn’t be more different for those down under. Their babies get stolen by dingos & they spend Christmas at the beach (what!)
  6. Australia is so far away yet so intriguing. It’s much more tempting to go knowing you have awesome friends to go and visit.
  7. It’s great to tease them when England wins The Ashes. When Australia win banter is not acceptable at all though.
  8. They are so bloody sociable. You just cannot stop them from making friends as they are all so damn likeable.
  9. They are complete hard nuts. Yes, they might be nice, fun people but my god are they troopers too. Nothing stops them from going on a night out … If you ever feel like you’re whimpering & backing out of a party they’ll shove a glass in your hand and tell you to man the hell up.
  10. They’re fearless. They come from the land of killer spiders and snakes. Nothing in Europe could possibly scare them.
  11. Timekeeping isn’t their top priority. If you’re running a few minutes late then you shouldn’t worry because it’s likely your chilled out Aussie friend is too.
  12. They’ve grown up on the other side of the world. They’ve had such a different upbringing that they really open your eyes to how big the world is and this makes me even more excited to explore it.




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